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Meet our financial planning partners, Askala Wealth Advisors.

Life is a journey, and as both a client and friend, we’re in it together.

I saw a need to adapt for my clients, so I conducted an extensive evaluation of my clients’ needs. Here is what I found:

  • Great people are required to make great things happen on behalf of great clients.
  • Technology is no longer a luxury, it is everything. It adds value, convenience, and better retirement planning outcomes. 
  • My clients are self-made, sociable people who want personalized service from professionals who appreciate how hard you work.


I am not retiring.  I will continue providing you tax planning services. But, just as the Tax Reform Act created a need for many taxpayers to adjust their tax-minimization strategies, the evolution of investment products and strategies now equally require specialized attention.

After conducting extensive research to find the right wealth management partner, I discovered a team of professionals in Aksala (“Ox-sala”) Wealth Advisors, led by President Evan R. Guido and Miguel Ortigao, CFP®Evan is a genuine family man, Forbes’ 2018 Top Next-Gen Wealth Advisor and financial columnist in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.  Evan and his team are financial planners dedicated to offering you holistic retirement and investment planning, tax-efficient money management, highlighted by concierge customer service.  I have found the Aksala team to be competent, warm and caring. 

Your portfolio and retirement plan will stay fully intact. You will notice enhanced technology, investment research and planning capabilities.  No changes will be made to your existing cost structure, and, in many cases, your investment fees will be reduced. 

Aksala is partnered with brilliant, forward-thinking industry experts. Avantax Investment ServicesSM is the leading tax-focused investment services firm, based out of Texas since 1983, with over $83billion in client assets*. Because Evan and his team are affiliated with Avantax, your transition is seamless.  Clearing and custody services will continue to be provided by National Financial Services LLC (“NFS”).

Next Steps:

  • Simply rank your life planning priorities 1-5
  • Share the basics on the “Tell Us More” questionnaire.

Download the Questionnaire Here.

Thank you for allowing me to shape this exciting partnership that will provide you access to even higher levels of service.  I welcome any questions you have; please look forward to receiving your introductory phone call from Aksala Wealth Advisors.